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original title: Un cazador de zombis

genge: Action,Comedy,Horror,War



duration: 1h 10min



keywords: zombie, zombiehunter, torture, splatter, snuff, radioactive, gore, childmolester, blood

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Horror is considered by many, not least of which its fans, as a haven for the social misfit. We all know this genre can produce classy films that get those big box office dollars but, much like any kind of extreme or offbeat artform, it tends to have a DIY ethos. Just as the punk movement inspired street kids to pawn their mum's TV and buy a guitar, horror fans often get their hands on a camera and make their own budgetless epics. German Magarinos is one such fan. For a number of years now, the Argentinian director armed only with a camera, a few gallons of fake blood, some pig guts and the will to offend everyone he can, has been making Z-grade gore flicks that make Bad Taste seem like a 100 million dollar Hollywood blockbuster in comparison. This is as underground as it gets.

Un Cazador de Zombis (aka Zombie Apocalypse Now) is about a rather perverted fellow named Toro who's hired by the church to waste zombies. That's all I'll say about the plot because... that's all the plot there is. This is a difficult film to review, because you can't really criticise a movie for something that it clearly never attempts to be. If you're looking for quality acting, 3 dimensional characters and a well-crafted storyline, then you've come to the wrong place. It doesn't even have a reason for the zombie outbreak, but it doesn't really need one as the zombies are really just a coathanger on which to hang the film's many scenes of bloodshed, dismemberment and sexual deviancy. If most viewers aren't already put off by all the butcher shop leftovers strewn across the screen, then the pedophilia and mouth-rape gags should be enough to turn them away. It's not a "good" film by any conventional criteria, but then being "good" is the last thing on its mind.

There is, however, a small but dedicated fanbase for this brand of cheapo splatter and tasteless humour, and fair play to Magarinos for knowing his audience and giving them what they want. Whilst some of the jokes fall flat, there's quite a bit of charm to this gleefully offensive schlockfest. Don't go in expecting to see Dawn of the Dead toppled from its throne as King of zombie epics. Just grab a six-pack and settle in for some micro-budget splattery zombie fun with a nice little Apocalypse Now homage thrown in for good measure. It also deserves mentioning that the whole thing is a noticeable improvement on Sadomaster.

Some day when the real zombie apocalypse strikes and the absurd, slapstick joke called the human race is effectively extinct, we'll all be down in Horror Hell. Wander round in the dirtiest part of town down there and, just down the road from the Shrine to St Herschell, you may stumble across a bar called The Burst Colon. Lloyd Kaufman owns the place. Ted V. Mikels drops in occasionally to tell everyone how lovely they are and give out hugs, but he leaves before things get too lairy. Todd Sheets is behind bar. The Polonia brothers work there as bouncers, savagely mutilating and raping anyone who doesn't at least attempt to start a fight. There's even a big screen TV that plays Cannibal Campout on a constant loop. Here's where you'll find German Magarinos, most likely in the corner, racking up lines of cocaine on a Malaysian rentboy's ass crack. He'll fit right in among this crowd. What to say about this movie? Its from the same guy that made Sadomaster, a ultra violent no budget movie that everyone but me hate. Is this new movie better than Sadomaster? I don't know. Its ten times gorier, much more blood (this one is a non stop bloody movie). The production looks a little more professional than in Sadomaster that looked like a home movie. I liked Sadomaster, it was trash but with some great scenes like the retarded rape and i also like this movie, it features some scenes like that and features more blood and tits. Maybe its a little too long (even if its only 75 minutes) and the Hostel rip-off mixed with zombies doesn't work very good. Anyway, i enjoyed this one, a good watch if you like ultra gore low budget movies like Bone Sickness or stuff like that.


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